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Mission Statement:

Pre-Trial Services Corporation provides quality intervention services and alternatives to detention for persons accused of crimes.

Agency History:

Pre-Trial Services Corporation (PTSC) has its roots in the Bail Reform movement of the 1960’s. The agency was introduced to the criminal justice system by the Monroe County Bar Association in 1970 as a Release on Recognizance program. The growth of PTSC affirms the principles that defendants can receive the quickest and least restrictive form of release and that at times, their needs and society’s can be met without involving the full judicial process. PTSC has since established itself as an integral component of the criminal justice system and actively contributes to the smooth administration of justice.

PTSC is noted nationally as a pioneer in programming for the pretrial population and is actively involved in both the New York State Association of Pretrial Services Agencies and the National Association of Pretrial Service Agencies. Locally, Pre-Trial Diversion continues to advocate for a broader spectrum of services to address the changing treatment needs of clients. Pre-Trial Release and the Graduated Restriction Programs continue to address the ever-pressing problem of jail overcrowding through innovative programming.

PTSC is a not-for-profit organization supported by the County of Monroe, the NYS Division of Probation and Correctional Alternatives and STOP-DWI.

From the Daily Record (9/23/2014):

"A new award this year, the Monroe County Public Defenders Offices Service of Justice Award was given to the Monroe County Pre-Trial Services Corp., a not-for-profit organization supported by the county, state Division of Probation and Correctional Alternatives, STOP-DWI and the state Division of Parole. We created the award because there are numerous groups of individuals in the criminal justice system who arent necessarily attorneys who are vital to the criminal justice system in making sure that our system is just and fair, said Monroe County Public Defender Timothy P. Donaher. We see that these agencies often go unrecognized and we thought it would be appropriate to create an award. Donaher said he cannot overstate the importance of pre-trial services to the criminal justice system, noting they interview clients and make release recommendations to the judge so clients who should not be incarcerated are not. Pre-Trial Services Corp. Executive Director Craig NcNair said he was humbled and very appreciative of the honor"

Pictured: Monroe County Public defender Timothy P. Donaher with award winners Lawrence L. Kasperek, Adele Fine and Craig McNair on Saturday at the 2014 Defense Community Dinner at Rochester Institute of Technology

Our United Way designation is #2323.